Ends on December 31, 2017

A special designation for the writing that is ... personal. Learned. About growing up or being you and how  you got from point A to point B in life. Or how someone influenced that journey. Or about a journey. We want 500 - 2500 words but lean toward brevity as the soul of wit. Longer pieces will be accepted (2,500 wds) but yall gotta murder lot of darlings to get into the Dead Mule. If you're confused as to whether you're sending us a memoir or some creative non-fiction, worry not, we'll figure you out.

All double-spaced submissions will be rejected.

Single-space. Space between paragraphs. No ID on the manuscript, please. We know who you are by your REQUIRED Southern Legitimacy Statements. Once you click your way into submitting, the path will become clear. Attach a .docx, .doc, .rtf etc or copy/paste into the entry area.

1. Cover letter with Southern Legitimacy Statement
2. Your submission
3. We read.
4. We respond,

Submit away!! 
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